Found Things From Lost Lands: An Exhibit


a call was sent…

And artists from all over the world answered with beautiful heartfelt submissions.

Over 30 artists were ultimately selected to be part of this Unique exhibit,

Here is the theme of/story behind the show that inspired their work:

Found Things From Lost Lands

Sometimes Things need to be kept secret. Sometimes Words must only be whispered in the shadows of the ancient oak hallows. Sometimes Magic needs to be locked away, buried deep in the Land to ensure its truths cannot be twisted into alluring guiles.

And sometimes, a Key is fashioned; a Key that unlocks, that illuminates, that leads us to find that Land and remember that Magic once more.

And sometimes, when the Land is ready, that Key is Unearthed, and Things once Lost may be Found again.

And sometimes, the Land is ready Now.

For this Exhibit, I asked for metaphorical “Keys”: Art made by the artist, fashioned in any medium, that Unlocks the Memory of something Lost that we need to Remember at this time.

 Prompt Questions asked of the artists:

 “What do we need to remember?”

“What needs to be unlocked?”

 “What is ready to be seen, to be known Now that was not ready until this moment in time?”