A native Oregonian, Ebony lives in Portland, Oregon where they experience the up and down journey of this crazy ride called human life.

A practicing witch for ten years, he believes that magic is all around them; from the beautiful landscape that surrounds them in the Northwest to the mundane tasks of their daily life.  His spirituality is the inspiration to his creative process.  Through portraiture and fine art, he strives to make the unseen, seen.  They believe that there is a sacredness inherent in every aspect of life.  It is this sacredness that they strive to honor and illuminate in all of their work. 

The photograph is a starting place for their work to begin. Ebenezer has always seen more in their surroundings, more in their photographs than what was present.  When he began painting, drawing, and utilizing the digital darkroom for their photographs, he knew that this was the way he wanted to create as an artist.  Years of experience using large format film still influences them in their craftsmanship and ability to create a solid foundation for their pieces.  They believe in pushing photography to its fullest potential, to blur the lines of the medium.