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April Coppini

Quiet Wild

Exhibition of April's charcoal drawings Nov 12 through Dec 11 

I’ve gone from believing that there are two kinds of bees
(Honeybee and Bumble) to being completely awe-filled and astonished by the fact that there are somewhere around Four THOUSAND bee species on our continent alone. 
The intricate web of creatures and growing things that makes up the support system that carries us and the rest of the planet through our daily lives is farmore intricate and interconnected than we could ever grasp. 
Drawing especially, for me, is sort of a meditative act of reverence. 
Beyond the form and details, I want to notice and capture the way it exists; how it moves in space, how it breathes, how the air is around it. 
In Werner Herzog’s film “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” about the oldest found cave paintings (Chauvet Cave in France), one of the researchers theorized that the paintings (many of which are in charcoal) were done in a kind of ritual or spiritual awe and appreciation of the animals around them-beings that both gave them life and took it. 
I love that idea; because I think when we bring the creatures around us inside, that both helps us understand them and our own place in the world..

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