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Spring Equinox and Ostara Celebration!

Celebrate Ostara/Eostre and the Spring Equinox with us!

Wish Keeping & Egg Seeking! 

Decorate your own mini flower pot and plant a seed (your wish). 
Cost $5 for materials. 

Hunt for eggs hidden inside the shoppe and trade one in for a treasure! (one egg/treasure each) 

Tea and treats provided :) 

As the wheel of the year turns, Spring Equinox marks the moment that night and day (light and dark, internal and external, masculine and feminine) are in perfect balance—it is officially the first day of spring! The promises whispered at Imbolc are emerging and the energy of hope, excitement, and playfulness surround us!  

It is a wonderful time to begin taking action on the promises, dreams, wishes you whispered in the dark quiet of winter. 

We call on Ostara/Eostre, goddess of spring and dawn, who watches over the budding plants and represents the lush fertility of the Earth, to watch over our tender hopes and dreams as they begin to take form.

Seeds and Eggs—both keepers of the full potential of new life—are symbols of this exuberant season. Seeking the egg and planting seeds are wonderful ways to celebrate the promise of hope and renewal and the blossoming of your ideas.

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