Welcome to Stonemaiden, a realm of elemental beings, witches and wildlings. Home to spirits of forest and mountain, loch and sky. Where warriors, hunters and seers arise by carved stones, and frosty, moonlit cairns.
— Julia Jeffrey

Below is a small sampling of the work we carry in the gallery. We Have a huge selection of prints. No originals at this time.

"Since my childhood days I've been excited and inspired by the sense of magic in the natural world..."

"...by fleeting minds-eye glimpses of elemental creatures, by the mysterious monuments left behind by our unknowable ancestors, by stories, folklore and myth.

I've always lived in Scotland and resonated with the beauty of the landscape and richness of its history and pre-history! 

I studied painting at The Glasgow School Of Art. Faces and figures, of all kinds, fascinate me endlessly ... I get into trouble staring at people on buses because I want to paint them! 

For the last decade, I've worked under the name Stonemaiden, bringing together everything I've learnt as a figurative painter (training first in oils, and then watercolours) with the quest for magic that has always inspired me most deeply.

I've done covers and contributed illustrations to several books and music albums. My work has been widely featured in magazines. 

By far the biggest thing I've done to date is The Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, my own tarot deck, published by Llewellyn in 2013. I've been over the moon about the enthusiastic, international response to it!"

Julia Jeffrey