My inspiration is drawn from nature and from that mysterious world that resides within me.
— Lisa (Sprite) Hansen

Sprite’s Story

"Welcome inside my head, inside my heart..."


MY NAME IS LISA, but most people call me Sprite! I'm kind of small, have slightly pointed ears and live in my own fantasy world most of the time so it's completely fitting.

MY INSPIRATION IS DRAWN FROM nature and from that mysterious world that resides within me. My creations tend to be otherworldly, creatures and organic in nature. Beings of a lost or futurist world, re-born from remnants and fragments of a broken earth. My world is called "The Broken Planet" which is also what most of my pieces are made up of. :)

I BEGAN CREATING AT A YOUNG AGE and as a teen I started noticing a strange world revealing itself in my drawings. It was there for me whenever I needed it. Over the past 10 years or so I've taught myself sculpture using different mediums that have helped me better express this vision. My hope is to give others a glimpse into it so they too have a place to get lost in.

I LOVE USING APOXIE SCULPT, resin, natural and polymer clays. Most pieces have inclusions of glass shards, corroded metal bits, crystals, geodes, natural and/or found items from my walks like driftwood, leaves, pods, twigs, fibers, shells, bone fragments, insect parts and lots and lots of glue! 

I FIND BEING ABLE TO OBSERVE, preserve and re-purpose natures gifts and/or a tiny life that would otherwise be forgotten to be a completely amazing and rewarding experience. I feel this process helps tie our world to a more mysterious and fantastical one that others can visit... but just need a little help to see... :)

THERE IS JUST SOMETHING SO SPECIAL ABOUT being able to piece together, hold in your hands a vision that you've had for so long. I'm looking forward to sharing my little world with you. I hope to capture these beings as real as I have "seen" them and hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. With each one comes a piece of me.  

Welcome inside my head, my heart..."

Lisa "Sprite" Hansen


Original Works