After years of painting faeries, I’m often asked if I ‘believe’ in them. The best answer I can give is that I don’t have much of a choice in whether I believe in them or not, for they seem to insist on my painting them.
— Brian Froud

Brian’s Story

Brian Froud is considered the pre-eminent fairy artist of our generation, whose prolific body of art is recognized the world over.


artistic techniques and wisdom of folklore caught the eyes of many, including Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets.  Upon discovering Froud’s lavish and mysterious drawings in the book, Once Upon a Time, and recognizing Froud’s complex and singular artistic vision of the faerie world inThe Land of Froud, Jim Henson chose Froud, in 1978, to help him create a unique otherworld feature-film which became known as The Dark Crystal. 


conceived the story for their next film collaboration, Labyrinth,  for which Froud was the film’s concept designer. David Bowie starred in the lead role as the Goblin King and Brian and Wendy’s son Toby Froud made his film debut as the infant baby “Toby.”    Both films have achieved an international cult following. Brian Froud continued working with Henson, creating designs for other film/media projects. 

Froud has created some of the most respected and highly acknowledged folklore/mythic artwork of our time and some of the most well known fantasy images of the Twenty-first Century. Froud’s imagery; sensual, humorous and at times frightening, has rescued fairies from the Victorian nursery, to which they were relegated for so many years, and returned them to the dark, elusive and mysterious world of “Faerie”.


With over 30 books in publication and over 8 million books sold to date, Brian Froud continues to create visual, spiritual and poetic tales today.