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Community Tarot Classes

What: it’s finally here! The much anticipated Tarot class taught by ZH elder Terrance Gamble and Miss Karen. Taught @ a very affordable rate, these classes are made to be community taught and community accessible. But in order to keep the cost down we need at least 10 people in each class, so be sure to spread the word so we can keep them accessible. 🌝 these first 8 sessions will be focused on the major arcana! come and grow your knowledge.

When: Wednesdays, beginning May 22nd until July 10th, 7pm to 9pm

Where: The Fernie Brae 4035 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214

Who: Karen Gamble has been an intuitive Tarot reader for over forty years. She is also a psychic medium and Reiki Master in Usui Tradition. She reads locally in the Portland area.

Her son Terrance is an elder of ZephyrHaus Circle who has studied witchcraft and divination primarily through Ancient Greek and Greco-Egyptian practices. He is a Hellenic polytheist with particular devotion to the goddess Hekate and the god Dionysus.

Zephyrhaus is a diversity driven, Queer led circle of magickal practitioners, innovators and learners that explore magick and traditional practices through ritual,class and practicum. An eclectic coven with practitioners from hoodoo, voodoo, Hellenistic, and non-Wiccan traditional witchcraft arenas. Zephyrhaus is also dedicated to battling all of the “ism’s” (i.e racism, sexism etc) and in making old and new wisdom readily accessible to the community. We not only do rituals but also highly affordable classes in Astrology, Tarot, Hoodoo, Herbalism and magick theory. We highly encourage folx of all gender expressions, orientations, races, ability’s levels and fashion understandings to come take part in magickal community.

Cost: $60 for 8 sessions. (So affordable!) if anyone needs to make payment options talk with Terrance

Afterwards: All members help with cleanup (usually minimal needed) and go eat at a nearby restaurant to socialize.

Instagram: Zephyrhauscircle


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