“I wasn’t anticipating the connection I felt to the skull when I started on my first piece...

...I wasn’t expecting to have a conversation with the skull, to be guided by its path, to release energy trapped by the fear and trauma of its death.  I wasn’t expecting the skull to have so much say- I had a loose idea of the design, and then the skull took it from there.

Every skull I’ve carved since has been the same. I’ll approach the skull with a rough design or a concept, and once I’ve started the details and the evolution feel like they’re out of my hands.  

I also wasn’t expecting the skull to be so stubborn! Each skull’s texture, consistency, and durability is completely different throughout itself, and vastly different overall from skull to skull… I’d never imagine that I’d now have such an intimate connection with death, let alone be handling it so closely.”

Alison Grayson