I am an artist working on Dartmoor, Devon in England, where I live with my family and a collection of dogs and horses. I come from an artistic family, and have drawn and painted from the time I could hold a pencil. I trained at art college and since then have swung between working with horses and working as an artist - there rarely seemed to be time to do both! Now, with small children at home, and a studio, I am finally managing to both paint and keep ponies.
My smaller work which is offered on Etsy, is in a light, whimsical illustrative style - illustration is my first love! Larger work, which I tend to exhibit here in the UK, is usually more expressive, trying to capture the play of light and mood on the everchanging landscape, and nearly always features crows in one form or another. I have work in private collections in the UK, Canada, USA, and Europe.
— Danielle Barlow